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Cake, coffee and cake morning for Ashgate:4th August 2024

A fund rasing morning for Ashgate Hospice date is arranged for Sunday 4thAugust 2024. This will highlight the NASLG National Allotment Week.Guided tours around the site will be available. If you can help please speak with Kay or Hazel. Look out for further information.

A request to help manage the Community Plot X3

Would you be willing to give up a couple of hours alternative Wednesday mornings to help on the Community plot (in front of the shop)? The produced this has been given to food banks or other needy causes. Thanks Helen

Next Board meeting

The next Board meeting is arranged for 23rd July 2024. Agenda is posted on the Minutes page.

NationalAllotment Week 12th-18th August 2024

The Allotment week runs from12th_18th Augusr this year and has the theme of biodiversity. Suggestions to celebrate include an open day,inviting local wildlife groups to visit the site and encouraging everyone to practice environmentlly friendly methods.Further information to follow.

MacMillian Coffee Morning

Last year's event was very successful raising over £400'. This year the event will be held on Sunday 8th September 2024. If you can help please speak to Kay or Hazel.

Volunteers needed

If you have some spare time to help maintain the site please let the Secretary know. The team of volunteers team usually mow on Wednesdays, and they around to help members most of the week.

NSALG monthly newsletter link

Please use this link to access this months newsletter. There are some copies in the shop for members to take. please log in first

What is National Allotments Week?Originated by The National Allotment Society - for over two decades National Allotments Week has encouraged allotment holders to throw open their gates and show off their sites. This year, the week focusses on ‘biodiversity’ to highlight allotments as crucial green spaces that support wildlife, improve air quality, promote health and mitigate carbon emissions. We will be sharing some fabulous content from our friends, expert partners and ambassadors on subjects such as encouraging pollinators and wildlife, ecofriendly pest control, companion planting, soil health and much more! As always, we encourage allotment sites up and down the country to hold events and engage with the local community - to highlight the wider social, health and environmental benefits of UK allotments. 


Sunday at about 1.30pm a swarm of bees decided to descend over ours, Alan’s, Debbie’s and Rob’s plot before finding what they thought was their new home on a tree branch on the right hand side boundary.

After a Facebook SOS a lovely gentleman called Richard from Birdholme came out to rehome them.

Within an hour he’d got most of them to take with him. There were a few stragglers which have now rebunched up again on the tree branch, but he’ll be back out tomorrow to collect them.
Scary but amazing experience to witness, kids were fascinated and Richard was so knowledgable with lots of interesting facts about bees and the queen.

He popped backMonday tocllect uptyhe stragglers.

Roz, A1a (from Wingerworth Allotment Facebook https://www.facebook.com/817277977/videos/pcb.3772761722935239/1869870700156019)
He’s since sent a little video of them in their new home and is going to keep me and the kids updated with their developments!

Told him to let us know when the first batch of honey is ready.
Bee planning!
He told us that there were approximately 20,000 bees in the swarm and they’d planned the trip to the allotments which was 2 weeks in the making.
Bees on site
We have requests for having bee hives on site. However, we have always declined these despite the obvious benefit to pollenation.There is no safe place and we need to have concern for members safety. 

Contacting the Society

If you need to contact the Society for any reason please use the email address
OR  write a letter and post it in the 'small bomb shelter' . This is checked regularly.

In any instance the first  point of contact is the Secretary. If you wish to raise any issue, query or a question, then email the Secretary . This will set up a paper trail. You may also submit a query for the Board's consideration, three days ahead of their meeting. This will be dealt with under any other business. Do make your query specific and avoid multiple questions. If the response is worth sharing with the membership, it will be either emailed or included in the Newsletter and miniutes.

The Board may called a General meeting if deemed necessary. Members may request a Special General Meeting, SGM, on a specific issue. This must be submitted to the Secretary who will arrange a time and date. Only the issue raised in the letter will be discussed. The letter reequesting the SGM must be supported by 5% of the membership. Any business at any type of general meeting requires a 15% quorum and  at least two of three elected Board officers being present.

It is not acceptable to go to a third party with issues without notifying the Secretary. Such enquiries which are 'anonymous' in so far are not helpful or welcome. Such parties have no authority in the Society's proceedings or members issues.

Please do not telephone or turn up at a Directors home.

Please respect our private time. Most of the Directors work full time and have families. It is not acceptable to just turn up.  

The Directors are volunteers who  give up their weekends to assist in managing the site and our members, in addition to liaising with the Parish Council and other bodies.

Members only pages 

There two members only pages. One is for minutes, the second is for Members information.To access these pages you must be a member of the Society. This authorises your access. These pages are password protected. If you not a member and have accessed any of these pages, please leave. An offence occurs if a person intends to gain unauthorised access and knows that this is the case.
A record of the Board minutes and those  for theAGM/GM. Click on the link.
Members  Documents
This contains members information about the society. There are sections for documents, rules and policies and required returns.
Wanting to become a member of the Society and rent a plot

If you are interest in having an allotment plot please contact the Secretary. We run a waiting list. However, you are welcome to arrange a visit to look around. Children are welcome and we hope will become garderners as well.
If you like gardening but feel you cannot work a plot, we have a Community Garden which we use to support local food banks.

Wingerworth Allotment Cooperative Society Ltd

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Members Survey Results.
Members Survey results

This document is a raw score summary


June 2024 Newsletter

May 2024 Newsletter

 Review of Plot Inspection Procedure 2024

Following the recent comments by a few plot holders regarding the inspection procedure we have considered an alternative approach.

At present an inspection is conducted at the beginning of every month from May to November. Each inspection looks at certain aspects of cultivation, tidiness, borders, rubbish etc. our proposal is to limit the inspection to four per year.

  1. May – Health and Safety inspection.
  2. July – Cultivation and tidiness.
  3. September – Rubbish and borders/Health and Safety inspection
  4. November – Readiness for winter, are things secure and unlikely to blow about in the winds etc.
Additionally, we invite the Chair and Clerk of the Parish Council to visit the site for inspection during May and October. A clause exisits in the Lease about 'cultivation' and 'weeds' etc. This is included in the STAs signed by members.

Although these will  be calendared events, Board members will also be aware of potential issues throughout the year.

Whilst we appreciate this will not suit all members, we have an obligation to keep the allotments in a reasonable state and free from Health and Safety risks, also attached The National Allotment Society Policy Document 108. Cultivation Standards for reference

NSALG -policy-document-cultivation-standards.pdf

Health and safety form

Watson Lane Scoping Document
The proposal is to erect a 2m high v-tech fence along this boundary and fit new gates. Theapplicatiion forfunding ishaltedwhile wewait to seewhen the Parish Council and DDC Highways tackle the trees which haveaTPO 

Improving the social area, X3.
Following the successful  completion of the renovation of X3 and the polytunnel, the proposal is to improve the area in front of the shop. The turf covering the area will be replaced with gravel trays covered in pea gravel. This would provide an easier and accessible area for events.
Social area scoping document

Three year plan
As preesented at  the General Meeting, this  is our working document. Like all working documents it will evolve.
Three year plan